Caps are an essential garment to effectively protect baby's head from the cold, sun and weather, but also to add a touch of sweetness and style to her look!

In this article we will help you choose baby caps because, although it may seem like a simple matter of sizes and measurements, there are actually many factors to take into account:

  1. Size: the first thing to consider when choosing a baby hat is the size, in fact, you need to make sure to choose the model from the appropriate size according to the circumference of the baby's head.
    The age rating is a useful indication, but it is always best to check first.

  2. Materials: the watchwords should be: comfort, protection and breathability.
    A baby's delicate skin requires materials that have those characteristics, and bamboo in that sense is one of the best due to its natural origin, high breathability, ability to regulate heat and incredible softness!

  3. Season: The season in which the infant will wear the cap is another important consideration. For colder seasons, wool-blend caps are recommended, while for warmer seasons, lightweight bamboo or knitted caps are recommended.

  4. Design: there are many cap designs available for newborns, such as wide-brimmed caps to protect baby's face from the sun, with knots or ears for a more fun look, or even a classic cut. Be sure to choose a design that is safe for baby and fits baby's needs.

  5. Washing: baby caps will need to be washed frequently, so it is important to choose a fabric and design that is easy to wash. Check the washing instructions to avoid damage!

In general, choosing the right baby hat for a newborn requires attention to detail and quality materials-be sure to choose a hat that is safe, comfortable, and appropriate for the season and baby's needs.

With a little care and attention, a newborn's baby hat can be a cute and functional addition to his or her wardrobe!

March 03, 2023 - Marketing Team

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