Baby onesies are a must-have for every new mom and dad. Their feature of practicality and comfort makes them a perfect solution for the first months of baby's life, when you need to have a versatile, easily changeable and protective garment for delicate skin

There are several types on the market, differing mainly in fabric, orientation of the opening, and presence or absence of feet. Choosing
the right type of onesie for your baby can be complicated, but thanks to our guide you will know how to go for it!

Jumpsuit with opening in front

Front-opening baby onesies are a great choice for parents who want to make it easier to dress and undress their baby. These onesies have a front button or zipper closure, which makes it easy to put on and take off the onesie without having to pass the baby's head through a narrow opening.

In addition, front-opening onesies are especially useful for infants who have delicate skin or are easily irritated, as the front closure avoids pulling or rubbing the baby's skin during dressing.

In addition, these onesies are also very practical for diaper changes, as they allow the onesie to be easily opened to change the diaper without having to remove the onesie completely.

In general, front-opening baby onesies are a comfortable and practical option for parents, and can be found in a variety of fabrics and styles.


Jumpsuit with opening in back

Back-opening baby onesies are another common option for parents looking to dress and undress their baby quickly and easily. Like the front-opening ones, they are particularly useful for infants who are more active and on the move, as they make it easy to dress and undress the baby without having to hold him or her down.

Another common benefit is the ease of diaper changing for the same advantages highlighted earlier



Over-the-shoulder opening romper

In case the baby gets changed without any problems, you can opt for a onesie with a shoulder opening that avoids rubbing of the buttons and opening with the back or belly

Jumpsuit with leg opening

Leg-opening onesies are another widely used solution for ease of diaper changing. As with the shoulder opening, however, they are particularly comfortable only when the baby is quiet and gets changed without any problems

Romper suit with or without feet

Baby onesies can be eitherwith feet or without feet, depending on parents' preferences or needs.

Footed onesies are designed to keep baby's feet protected and warm at all times and can be used as pajamas or as a home garment to avoid using socks.

On the other hand, footless onesies are a more versatile option, as they can be taken advantage of in combination with socks to keep baby's feet warm or to cool them off quickly should they sweat. 

Fabric and thickness of the romper

The fabrics used for baby onesies are very important as they need to be soft and comfortable for babies' delicate skin, and at the same time durable, easy to clean and above all breathable.

In these respects,bamboo is an ideal fabric because it is 100% natural, extremely soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and thermoregulatory, thus able to adapt to temperatures especially when combined with a leotard.

In the winter season, when you need more protection from the cold, the best choice falls on a wool-bamboo blend fabric, which is warmer yet natural and breathable





January 17, 2023 - Simona Cordera

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